Paul Miller  Male Fitness Model London Bristol Photographer Brand Influencer


Hey my name is Paul Miller I am a 33 years young part time model and fitness influencer residing in the sunny Weston-Super-Mare. Since the age of 14, skateboarding and mountain biking have been a way of life for me.
Fast forward many years later and I started going to the gym because I landed myself an office job and being sat down for 8-10 hours a day didn’t agree with me. This soon turned my attention to the aesthetics side of training which has brought me where I am today, and also taught me the importance of balancing fitness with diet and nutrition.
Through my various social media accounts, more notably Instagram, there has been a big response to my physique-focused posts. As there are a great number of people who are looking to get fit, but they don’t relate or identify with the same goals of a bodybuilder or even a ridiculously shredded stage-ready physique competitor, which neither are sustainable from a lifestyle and health standpoint long term.
"My hope is to inspire, share knowledge and reflect a positive mental, spiritual and physical lifestyle to those around me. Without your health, you have no quality of life. So let's get healthy, happy, and fit...together!" - Paul
Photo by Nick Tolley ©.
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